Satisfied Sailors

There are over forty share owners that make up the Yachtshare family. We believe the Yachtshare program is the best way to own a yacht but don't just take our word for it. Here is a small sample of testimonials and reviews from some of our valued owners and find out what they like best about the Yachtshare service.


I was attracted to Yachtshare as it offered me an opportunity to experience the total walk-on walk-off experience. I know I can call Barry anytime about our yacht, with absolutely no questions asked. I really enjoy the close-knit Yachtshare community, and respect the good relationships all the owners have with each other.

Brett Young


The booking system works well for us, as having to book our sailing ahead we end up arranging the rest of our lives around sailing, the way it should be!

Dr Grant McTainish


Yachtshare is the smartest thing I've done in years; it is fantastic.

Col Green


There is nothing like get back from work and go out for a moonlight sailing on the middle of the week. With total comfort and safety, there's no single time I don't feel amazed by the beauty and peace of Moreton bay at night. Can't imagine doing without Yachtshare.

Mike Musskopf


Give it a go! It's such a small investment and it's really improved my sailing. It's nice to be the skipper and watch my expertise and knowledge grow.

Jo Radovic


We highly recommend the Yachtshare concept and would suggest any time-poor 'yachties' would find it of great interest.

Ross and Dot Tomkins


Having been in the business of selling boats for more than 30 years, I know how people use their yachts ? not as often as they hope! Yachtshare is the most practical and convenient way to own a yacht. The booking system lets you put sailing first and get the most from your share.

John Russell


As an owner of Satisfaction for four years or more now, I can thoroughly recommend Yachtshare as the best alternative to yacht or boat ownership. Having owned and maintained yachts all of my life, the Yachtshare experience gives me the best of both worlds. I enjoy the yacht without the work!!! I mainly use the Yacht for Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing racing and often with other syndicate members. We all get value from our involvement and have usually as much use as we could wish. Yes, there are some minor restrictions, but these are far outweighed by the advantages. I have no hesitation in recommending Yachtshare to any potential owner. 


James Hogan


Barry and Anton would like to personally thank our owners for providing their testimonials and reviews and for being such great advocates of Yachtshare. 

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