What is Yachtshare?

Yachtshare is a yacht syndication program that offers boating enthusiasts the opportunity to own a share of a luxury yacht. By sharing the costs of purchasing and maintaining a vessel, syndicate owners can enjoy the freedom of the boating lifestyle without all the hassle of normally associated with boat ownership.

How it works?

Sharing is easy. Buy a share in your yacht, learn how to use it and just go sailing. Yachtshare takes care of all the rest!

Step 1 - Purchase a share in a syndicate

You can purchase a 1/10th share in the yacht of your choice. With a range of vessels to choose from there are options to suits all kinds of sailors. To give you the confidence that you are choosing the right vessel for your needs, we offer a complimentary demo sail to all prospective owners.

At the heart of the Yachtshare program is a comprehensive set of legal agreements detailing the rights and responsibilities of syndicate owners. The agreements protect the interests all owners as well as ensuring that the yacht is operated and maintained in a safe and effective manner.

Step 2 - Learn to sail

Yachtshare provides you with professional RYA accredited sail training. All owners undertake two days of training and induction. This ensures you and your fellow owners can all safely and competently operate the yacht. The training is suitable for first-time sailors as well as the ideal refresher for experienced skippers. Additional training is available on request should an owner required it.

Step 3 - Make a booking

As an owner, you are guaranteed a minimum of 33 days sailing per year. Bookings can be made and changed through Yachtshare’s online booking calendar. The calendar system is designed to provide fair and equitable access to the yacht for all owners. View our FAQ page for more details on the Yachtshare calendar.

Step 4 - Have Fun!

All you need to bring on the day of your booking is food, drink and clothes. The yacht is prepared by our cleaning team prior to your booking. Your yacht will be provisioned with fuel and water and ready to go cruising every time you arrive at the marina. Our vessels are equipped with crockery, cooking utensils, safety equipment and all the essentials for great adventures on Moreton Bay and beyond. You are the captain so you decide on the destination and how much fun you have!

Step 5 - Step off!

On returning to the marina, you simply tie up the boat, take your clothes, food, rubbish and personal items and lock the vessel. Our cleaning team will arrive the following morning to clean and prepare the yacht for its next outing.

Step 6 - Start planning your next adventure!

Once you have departed the marina, the only thing left to do is start planning for your next sailing adventure!

Got a question?

View our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or Contact Us for more information.