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Sharing programs

Yachtshare has traditionally offered a 10% equity model across all the vessels in its fleet. With the demand for shared boating in the rise, Yachtshare is evolving to introduce new and exciting options for sailors, boating enthusiasts, businesses and brands to leverage the benefits of shared boating.

Our expertise is in managing yachts and syndicate ownership and our standard offering (Yachtshare Ten) can be extended and adapted to cater for a diverse range of sharing scenarios.

Current and upcoming programs:

Yachtshare Ten


Yachtshare Ten is our traditional sharing program offering syndicate owners a 1/10th equity share with 33 days usage per year. With a variety of vessels available in our fleet, there is something to suit all kinds of sailors. Yachtshare Ten is an ideal entry-level experience to the benefits of shared boating.


Yachtshare Voyager


Yachtshare Voyager is designed for experienced sailors looking to take their adventures to the next level. The Voyager program consists of a 1/5th ownership model and a four year extended cruising program. After commissioning a fully equipped bluewater cruising monohull yacht or sailing catamaran, the syndicate follows a set itinerary to idyllic locations with owners able to board their yacht for extended trips from each port of call. Shareowners will also have the option to participate in the bluewater passages and deliveries. Yachtshare manages the yacht for the duration of the cruise and provides all the support required to maintain the yacht at each port and ensure safe passage between the cruising destinations. At the completion of the itinerary, the yacht can be returned to the Yachtshare Ten program, complete another Voyager excursion or be sold outright at the election of the syndicate members.

The Voyager program is ideally suited to individuals who may be considering a sabbatical but do not have the time, resources or knowledge to manage the trip on their own.

Expressions of interest are now open for the following Voyager programs:
Voyager – South Pacific: Destinations include New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand and more South Pacific Islands.

Voyager – Australis: Circumnavigation of Australia with extended stays in the Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef,  Kimberleys, Broom, Perth, Tasmania, Gippsland Lakes, Sydney Harbour and more.

Email Anton (Anton@ to register your interest.

Yachtshare Racing


It only takes two boats for a race and many Yachtshare Ten owners will be attracted by the sport of keelboat racing as their sailing skills improve. If a Sydney to Hobart or Brisbane to Gladstone race is on your bucket list then a Yachtshare Racing syndicate will be an attractive pathway. The racing program will also be of interest to inshore sailors looking for that adrenaline rush at regattas and club racing levels.

In each Yachtshare Racing team, up to five syndicate members will combine their resources to purchase a suitable racing yacht. Our first Racing Team has chosen the Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 as its weapon of choice.   Yachtshare manages the sailing roster and servicing of the yacht with the shareowners’ input adhered to at all times. Skippering, helming and crewing positions are allocated on a roster to ensure fair play by all syndicate members. Syndicate members will be offered the first priority on all races with external crew enlisted to fill gaps in the racing roster as required.

The syndicate agreements follow the existing Yachtshare model with the inclusion that the yacht must be available to compete is all suitable regattas and races. Races in the program include some iconic races such as the Brisbane to Gladstone, Brisbane to Keppel/Hamilton, Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Race Weeks. The team will also have a standing booking for WAGS and other local regattas such as the Beneteau Cup and French Yacht Challenge, Manly Combined Series and the St Helena Cup to name a few. When the yacht is not committed for a race, it may be utilised by the syndicate members for individual cruising or training.

Training and certification is a major focus of our racing program with the intention to assist all shareowners to achieve RYA Yachtmaster qualifications through their journey with the Yachtshare Racing program. Yachtshare also engages with expert sailors and racing figures to offer coaching and advanced training. The Yachtshare teams will be competitive but the focus is on achievement, participation, collaboration and enjoyment rather than a professional racing team and seeking silverware.

Check out for racing yachts that we’d like to add to our racing fleet.

Bring your own Boat


There is a huge diversity of yachts and boats available from the boat manufacturers to suit all tastes and budget. At Yachtshare we aim to select well-known boats that have broad appeal. Everyone has different tastes and features they are looking for in a boat and to cater for this scenario, we are introducing a BYO Boat program for the Yachtshare fleet.

Under the BYO Boat program, you can invest in your preferred vessel under the guidance of Yachtshare and syndicate the boat in our fleet. We will partner with you to sell down the excess equity in the vessel to other syndicate members thus allowing you to get the boat you want rather than having to choose from one of Yachtshare existing fleet vessels.

The benefits for the investor:

  • Get the boat you want
  • Make use of all unsold shares at the start syndicate with minimal outlay
  • Your boat is fully managed and maintained at all times by Yachtshare
  • Return your excess equity over a period of 12-18 months
  • Keep one or more shares or sell out completely over a number of years
  • The best of both worlds – enjoy the benefits of boat ownership and syndication

Yachtshare is very selective about the type of vessels it will select and accept into its fleet. The key criteria considered when selecting yachts for the BYO Boat program are:

  • Well-known production brands and models
  • New or near new condition
  • Economical diesel engines and shaft drives
  • LOA > 35 feet
  • Boat value > $300,000

If you have a dream boat that you’d like to own and would like to leverage our BYO Boat program to bring your dream to reality, contact us for more information.


Bring Your Own Brand


As a manufacturer or importer of boats in Australia, it can be difficult for your product to be seen in the boating community. Even with the advent of the internet, prospective boat purchasers still want to touch and feel the product before going ahead with a major investment. Supplying stock boats can tie up significant capital resources for the importer and relying on pre-sold stock or existing owners to make their boats available for boat shows or sea trials is fraught with issues and challenges.

Yachtshare’s BYO Brand program offers importers the option to leverage their stock boats by selling down the equity in their stock through our syndication program while retaining priority access to the boat for boat shows, sea trials and other displays. Boats in the Yachtshare fleet are amongst the most visible in the boating community through their regular use on Moreton Bay, the Broadwater and the Whitsundays.  Their prominent berthing position and our role as a major sponsor at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron enhance your brand’s visibility. Yachtshare also hosts and promotes social and on water events and open days to give your brand maximum exposure throughout the year and not just at the annual boat show circuit.

Your brand and Yachtshare have a mutual interest in promoting the boat to the boating community and we work collaboratively with you to sell the shares in the stock vessels as quickly as possible. We maintain the yachts to the highest standards and the cost of berthing insuring and maintain the boats are offset by the contributions of shareowners. Our shareowners also offer exceptional testimonials as users of the boat when leveraging the vessel for sea trials and new boat sales.

Once the syndicate is full and the boat has completed her boat show duties, you may opt to repeat the process again with a newer model or other boats and brands in your stable. Contact us to find out more about our BYO Brand program.

Yachtshare Business


Yachtshare Business offers companies to invest in a share of a commercial charter vessel. Up to five companies invest in a single vessel and hold a 20% (1/5th) equity in the syndicate. Companies contribute equally to the ongoing service, management and maintenance of the boat. Each company in the syndicate has to access to a minimum of 40 days per annum on the vessel for client entertainment, private charter, recreational use or any other permissible purpose. Professional skippers are available to skipper the boat or company directors and authorised individuals can obtain the relevant qualifications and experience to operate the vessel on their own.

The additional time available in the vessel is used for public charter to generate an income stream to offset the syndicates operating costs and overheads. The commercial vessel is fully managed by Yachtshare and compliant with all AMSA requirements. We leverage the group purchasing power of the Yachtshare fleet to ensure the purchase costs and ongoing servicing are financially effective.

If you are looking for a unique, engaging and cost-effective means to entertain clients and associates then Yachtshare Business will fit the bill. By sharing the costs with other companies, the risks and investment outlay are reduced and utilisation is maximised. The vessel will primarily charter in Moreton Bay, the Brisbane River, the Broadwater and Gold Coast regions and will be based at a central location at the Manly Boat Harbour.

Contact us to inquire about upcoming Yachtshare Business syndicates.

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