Winter Excursions – Early EOI

In 2022, we are proposing to take boats north to the Keppel Isles via a Rally-delivery.

A draft schedule is: 
– Depart Manly on Friday 17th June
– Rally via Mooloolaba, Double Island Point, Fraser Island, Lady Musgrave, Pancake Creek etc…
– Arrive at Rosslyn Bay on Thursday 23rd June.
– Vessels to spend a month or more in Rosslyn Bay
– Direct passage from Rosslyn Bay to Airlie Beach in early August.
– Sailing vessels to race at Airlie Beach and Hammo Raceweeks during August (optional)
– Vessels to return to Manly on their own schedules from mid-October to early November.  

We don’t expect that all vessels will want to participate in the rally or winter excursions. 

However, to gauge the interest from syndicate members, we ask all owners to complete the Winter Excursion Early EOI asap to help us with planning. 

  • This is vote non-binding. We are looking for an indication if you would like participate in the winter excursion program and spend some time on your vessel from either Rosslyn Bay or Airlie Beach sometime between July and October 2022. The schedule and calendar for this period is to be finalised by 1st May 2022.
  • This is vote non-binding. We are seeking expression of interest from owners that are interested in participating in a rally cruise from Manly to Rosslyn Bay from mid-June or early-July. There will options to cruise with other owners onboard as a shared delivery or skipper the vessel with your own crew.
  • This vote is binding. We are seeking agreement from syndicate members to pre-book your vessel with maintenance day from the 17th - 30th June. If there is unanimous agreement from your syndicate before 1st January, these days will be reserved for the Rally and winter excursion program.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.