About Yachtshare

Yachtshare manages a magnificent fleet of French sailing yachts on behalf of syndicate owners. We offer a walk-on/walk-off service that allows owners to spend more time on the water and less time maintaining their yacht.

Yachtshare was established in 2007 to meet the growing market of groups seeking access to quality luxury sailing yachts. While many syndicates existed that gave access to motorised cruisers and powerboats, the options for purchasing a share in a luxury sailing yacht were very limited. While chartering options existed there was no providers offering fractional ownership of luxury sailing yachts. To service this demand, Yachtshare was born.

Sailing is an exciting, challenging and very rewarding way to explore the Queensland’s majestic bays and waterways. Yachtshare offers people of all different sailing experience to access luxury sailing vessels without the hassles or generous financial commitment of traditional yacht ownership.

Many years on from its launch in 2007, Yachtshare has four luxury yachts docked at Brisbane’s Manly Harbour and is constantly looking for new yachts and new sailors to augment the fleet. With a large group of satisfied owners and a desire to keep delivering an exclusive luxury sailing experience to those in the know, Yachtshare offers an affordable, safe and trouble free means of getting out the water and experiencing the best of Queensland’s sailing and cruising grounds.

Anton Prange

Anton Prange

Executive Director

Anton is a seasoned IT professional and business manager with over twelve years at the helm of an IT consulting firm. Growing up on boats with his family and a strong desire to get back on the water drew him to discover sailing with Yachtshare. Anton first began as a share owner in a Jeanneau yacht with Yachtshare and his enthusiasm to see more sailors enjoy the same benefits and perks that syndication offers has seen him become an integral part of Yachtshare as Executive Director.

Mobile: 0410 696 578
Email: anton@yachtshare.com.au

Barry Pares

Barry Pares

Managing Director

Barry brings to Yachtshare extensive experience in a variety of industries, including industrial mechanics, business management and transport and logistics. Above all, his first love and passion is sailing. Barry is an avid seaman and enjoys working with Yachtshare owners to enhance their ownership experience. Barry places a strong emphasis on ensuring all the details are in place to guarantee a seamless sailing experience for all.

Mobile: 0437 836 434
Email: barry@yachtshare.com.au